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The goal of MixDAO is to share our knowledge of the NFT lifestyle & bridge different projects and groups together by creating a hub for alpha. Eventually, MixDAO will become an incubator for emerging artists, projects and technology that will be home to an exclusive web3 club.


What is MixDao?

MixDAO is a tight-knit NFT community that has grown organically and is focused on finding up and coming web3 projects.

What is Alpha Pass?

Alpha Pass is an ERC-1155 NFT that is the key to an exclusive members only discord with highly curated alpha, allowlist opportunities, raffles, IRL events, and much more. All Alpha Pass holders will get a free claim for the Season 1 drop. See Terms of Use for details.

How much is Alpha Pass? When is it launching?

Price - 0.08 ETH
Future Whale Club claim starts 4/16/22
Allowlist mint starts 4/17/22
Public mint starts 4/18/22

What is Season 1 MixDAO drop?

MixDAO is launching a seasonal NFT series. Season 1 will be a 10k generative project. Each NFT will represent your participation in the community wallet. Proceeds from the sale will go towards purchasing Blue Chip NFTs as chosen by you. More details including price and release date to follow.

Our Community

MixDAO turned me onto Octohedz when they were struggling to mint out at .05. They were 2 ETH floor, weeks later.

- root, Founder of Ethereal Apes

Probably the best part about this group is that almost every single member that contributes is passionate about a different sector. I didn't realize how much of the NFT market I was missing! I never would have minted NFT Worlds or even heard about it without Remix. Also, a big perk, when WL became the go to method to distribute mints- I got all my early easy WL opportunities here.

- wx

It's so nice having a home base in this space, somewhere to get honest feedback and opinions without people trying to pump their own bags and exit off of you.

- BoredDallasCowboy

The best part about this community is that every person is contributing and willing to show you a different sector that you didn't know existed. Bottom line, this is a pretty awesome home-base, and provides awesome alpha in the space.

- OctoMos, Founder of OctoHedz

I was lucky enough to have been invited to the MixDAO server early on. Remix is very knowledgeable across cryptocurrencies and NFTs - and definitely one of the leading experts in this space. Importantly, Remix has always been available to selflessly share his knowledge, 1:1 or in a group setting. With the launch of his MixDAO server, he has developed a tight-knit and welcoming community of similar minded experts to come together to discuss and debate upcoming and existing NFT projects. In the server, I have learned about so many NFT projects and it's guided my decision making process, both on the side of buying, as well as NFTs to avoid. Remix is always open to suggestions from the community, as well, and constantly making improvements. The biggest alpha that was shared in the server was Bears Deluxe, where a few of the MixDAO community members discovered this project and amazing devs and shared with the community, weeks before the project was discovered in any meaningful way.

- Waxl

The family in here gave me the tools I needed to avoid the rug pulls and CLICK WITH CONFIDENCE. Without this group I wouldn't have ever been able to navigate web3.

- Chez.Beignet

Remix's server not only helped me expose my project to the wider NFT community, they helped me understand the culture and ethics behind the space as well. I couldn't recommend it more.

- Pixelmage, Founder of Bears Deluxe

This community was the starting place for my creation journey, whether you're a collector or creator - there are enough resources to help you succeed within the space. People here are supportive and are looking for everyone to win, small tips go a long way - overall positive vibes with even greater people.

- Forrest

In MixDAO I learned a lot from reading what much more experienced people in the NFT space than myself were doing. Everybody's friendly and real and it helped me a lot in developing my decision making when it comes to NFTs.

- Meza



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